About Amber

About Amber

Amber, is a long established organisation working to empower women and children of all cultures and backgrounds to live abuse-free lives. As a specialist domestic abuse service our professional team works alongside others to safeguard women and children against domestic abuse, including coercive control. We provide safe, supportive, client centred services, from early intervention to recovery, both in the community and at the refuge.
Our vision is of a society where domestic abuse is recognised as a serious crime and which recognises the consequences of domestic abuse for those affected; a society where the root causes of domestic abuse i.e. the unequal power relations between men and women, are addressed and which holds the perpetrators responsible for the crime, while supporting men who want to change; a society where families are nurtured, where women and children are living in an inclusive and safe society, and where unequal power relations between men and women are eliminated.

Amber Womens Refuge CLG is committed to providing vital supports to women and children who are victim-survivors of Domestic Abuse. In order to achieve this, we strive to make our service as effective as possible. We have a governance structure in place that makes us accountable transparent.

Limited company
Amber Womens Refuge CLG, trading as Amber Womens Refuge, is a company limited by guarantee. It does not have a share capital and is registered in Dublin, Ireland. Registered company number: 241462. 

Registered charity
Amber Womens Refuge CLG is a registered charity.
Charity number: 2003292. Revenue CHY number: 11743.

Governance Code
The Governance Code is a code of good practice for Community, Voluntary & Charity Organisations
in Ireland. Amber has successfully completed the adoption process for the Governance Code we are fully compliant with its

Organisational structure
Amber’s staff & management team are experienced & committed, offering over 200 years’
experience working with & advocating for victim-survivors of Domestic Abuse.

The manager reports to the board of directors, who provide clear direction on important decisions &
ensure the organisation is implementing our Strategic Plan.

Board of directors
There are nine directors on the current Amber board. They provide vital expertise on:

Strategic planning
Financial management & Audit
Organisational development
Culture and Change Management
Human resources
Business delivery
Sectoral knowledge

The board is supported in its work by the following sub-groups :
Finance Sub Group
PR & Fundraising Sub Group
Service Development Sub Group
Governance Sub Group
HR Sub Group

Our Principles/Values

The set of Principles of practice which will guide the organisation in carrying out its mission statement are:

The Values which guide us

Our Team

Sarah Kearns

Outreach & Court Accompaniment Worker

Lisa Morris


Jean Murphy

Assistant Manager

Pat Tynan

Finance Officer

Sarah Kearns

Outreach & Court Accompaniment Worker