Business Supports

Business Supports

Is your business a safe and supportive workplace for all employees?

As part of your workplace harassment and bullying policies, do you have a policy to address the consequences of domestic violence and abuse?

What would you or a member of your management team do if a member of your staff disclosed they are a victim of domestic abuse?

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1 in 4 Irish women and 1 in 7 Irish men will experience abuse from an intimate partner in their lifetime. 

They may be someone who works with you or for you. 

Recent research shows that domestic violence and abuse not only has devastating impacts on its victims, it also costs Irish businesses time and money.  Higher rates of absenteeism and lower rates of productivity were shown as significant costs to Irish businesses.  Female employees experiencing domestic abuse miss, on average, 15 days of work each year.  The serious crime of domestic violence and abuse can also negatively impact staff turnover levels, as well as your workplace culture and morale.      

The International Labour Organisation Convention on Violence and Harassment in the World of Work calls for employers to address the risks and impacts of domestic violence in workplace policies.

Click here for our key findings from The Impact of Domestic Abuse on Workplaces in Kilkenny & Carlow survey.

We deliver specialist guidance and support to business owners, HR departments and people managers on developing a policy on domestic violence for your workplace. 

We deliver training and support on how to spot the signs of domestic abuse, what to do if a member of your staff makes a disclosure and how to appropriately respond and refer. 

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