Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy


Amber respects the privacy of all visitors to our website. This Cookie Policy outlines our policy concerning the use of cookies on the Amber Website. We may update our Cookies Policy to reflect any changes in technology or data protection law.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files placed on your computer or internet enabled device by websites in order to add functions to the site or to help the website work better. Sometimes cookies are necessary to be used for the basic functioning of your site, and sometimes they can be used to identify your computer or internet device to our website, or to other third-party websites. This may allow us to improve the way we work, such as remembering preferences expressed by you, or tracking your use of a website for statistical analysis and advertising.

Cookies on the Amber website

We use cookies on our website in order to give us information on the visits to our website. Some of these are functional to help the cookies or the website work and do not require your consent. Others identify visitors or track their visits to this and other websites, in order to for us to use these cookies we need your consent via an ‘opt-in’. To find the list of cookies used, please click on the Cookie button on the bottom left of the page and go to Show Details.

Controlling and disabling cookies