How You Can Help

With your support, we can ensure that no vulnerable woman or child is turned away in the future.

Reductions in funding have been ongoing for years, meaning that raising funds from
companies and individuals are vital to our ability to be there for women and children who
are homeless or at risk of domestic violence in Kilkenny or Carlow region.
The support of individuals like you, companies like the one you work in our own, sporting
clubs, social societies and the people of Kilkenny and Carlow make a real difference to the
lives of women and children who are at risk of domestic violence in Kilkenny and Carlow
today. Donations can be made here, either as a one-off donation or a reoccurring monthly gift.

We take our responsibility to our donors seriously we realise that our have donated out of
a desire to help vulnerable women and children in Kilkenny and Carlow, we work very hard
to keep our overheads down and to ensure that money donated has the impact on those
who have the least.
Our fundraising takes many forms from individual donations and legacies to corporate
support, grants from trusts and foundations and sponsored events and challenges
undertaken by individuals.
We would like to thank the many individuals and companies who have supported us to
date without their support we would not be where we are today.
There are many ways you can support us, we hope you will be inspired by our events that
have run, some are on our Facebook page and here are others. We are, of course,
always delighted to hear new ideas.
Do get in touch, call 056-7771404, email

Corporate Partnerships

At Kilkenny Women’s Refuge, we are always delighted to partner with businesses and
companies in Kilkenny and Carlow.
Whether you already have a corporate social responsibility strategy in place or looking to
develop one, a partnership with Kilkenny Women’s Refuge Kilkenny can unite your staff
team, generate positive PR, raise your profile and will make a vital difference to the lives
of homeless women and children in Kilkenny and Carlow today.
We will work with you to tailor the partnership to match your business needs. Perhaps you
want to hold a team building charity went with your staff with Amber Women’s refuge the
beneficiary, or to sponsor a part of our service. There is an option to suit every need.

Perhaps your company has a charity of the year programme and you would like us to
provide information on our services as part of that process. Or maybe you have an
employee volunteering scheme and would like to hear about the opportunities we can offer
for your staff to get involved here at Amber Women’s Refuge.
Fundraising at work can be fun and perhaps you are an employee and would like to get
your team involved. Here are lots of fundraising ideas!
We know that businesses in Kilkenny Carlow share our passion for Kilkenny and for the lives
of the wellbeing of our county. A corporate Partnership with Amber women’s refuge will be
one tailored to your needs and built for mutual benefit and lasting impact.
Please contact Lisa Morris, manager by email for
information about partnering with us.