We understand that not all women need or want refuge.

Amber’s community-based Outreach services provide information, advocacy, support services and referral in Kilkenny city and county and throughout county Carlow to women and children who are experiencing or recovering from domestic violence and abuse. 

You can speak confidentially with a member of our Outreach Team about your experience of domestic abuse and access our Outreach services, without staying in the refuge. 

We provide:

Support and information about your rights and entitlements, including laws protecting you against domestic abuse and coercive control.

Court support and accompaniment services, providing information and support about applying to the courts for domestic violence orders or when attending court hearings for custody, access, maintenance, separation, or divorce.

Individual support planning, safety planning and risk assessments.

Information on your rights and entitlements related to housing, social welfare, community supports, work & employment.

Referral to other Amber services and relevant external organisations/agencies.

We also offer free Group Support Programmes to women who are or have been in abusive relationships.  The Freedom Programme and the Domestic Abuse Recovery Group are designed to support women at different stages of their journey.  Both programmes are in-person and available to women living in Kilkenny or Carlow. 

Operating on an appointment only basis, support is available on the phone or in person in a safe and private location.  Our skilled and experienced Outreach team offer support and information on a once-off or ongoing basis, according to your needs.

For support & information, contact our 24/7 Helpline or

Anita – Domestic Abuse Outreach & Court Support Worker (Kilkenny) 085 853 3872

Gemma – Domestic Abuse Outreach & Court Support Worker (Co Carlow)  085 862 3627