Our Services

Our Services

At Amber Womens Refuge CLG., we provide many services helping women and children affected by domestic violence and abusive relationships:
Group 189

Emergency Accomodation

At Amber Womens Refuge CLG., we provide safe, short-term emergency accommodation. Our refuge has seven units made up of five individual units containing a kitchen/living area, ensuite sleeping areas and two ensuite bedrooms. The refuge can cater for seven women and up to twenty-three children at any time.

In our work with children they are given the chance to articulate the way they feel about their experiences. We make sure to work with the parent and child as a unit.

Outreach & Court
Accompaniment Service

Our Outreach Support Workers can meet women for support and information in rural and city locations in Kilkenny and Carlow, that are safe and secure. Please contact the refuge on the number below to arrange an appointment.
Group 189
Group 189

Court Orders & Court Accompaniment Service

There are a number of legal protections available to you if you are experiencing domestic violence. These court-ordered protections are called orders and include:

Amber Womens Refuge CLG. provides support and information to clients seeking orders including being accompanied to court. For more information, visit www.flac.ie

Contact the refuge on 0818 42 42 44 and we can make arrangements to speak or meet with our court accompaniment and outreach worker.


Do you think you would benefit from counselling?

Contact the refuge on 0818 42 42 44 or 056 777 1404 and speak with a project worker who will refer you to our counsellor for crisis counselling.

Group 189

Our Way of Work

With the help of the services above, and based on our principles of practice, we work together with women to assess their needs and then set a plan or goal to address them.

We have a childcare worker who works with children residing in the refuge or on a referral basis. Our childcare worker uses a programme to address the needs of children affected by domestic violence. We can also refer to a play therapist, who works with the children within the refuge if needed. We do this work in collaboration with the parent.