StartSafe Programme

The StartSafe schools programme, in partnership with Amber’s One Million Stars project, aims to support teens to develop and maintain safe, healthy relationships.  Designed for secondary school students and youth groups, StartSafe covers topics including consent, spotting the signs of abusive behaviour, dating abuse, coercive control and digital abuse.  Our experienced programme facilitators create a safe, gender neutral space for students to explore the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, demonstrating how unhealthy relationships can have an impact on their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. 

Through the craft of weaving eight pointed stars, Amber’s One Million Stars project promotes our eight points of healthy love within relationships.  The eight points are used as a framework throughout the StartSafe programme to invite students to weave a star, creating an open and safe environment where opinions and concerns can be shared. 

Students can in turn choose to create an exhibition of their stars to promote healthy, safe relationships in their school and/or community.    

The StartSafe programme is available to all local girls, boys and mixed secondary schools and youth groups in Kilkenny city and county. 

The programme is free to participants.  We would be grateful of a monetary donation towards running costs.

To learn more about the StartSafe programme or book your school/youth group a place, contact Angela Davitt 085-2506304 /